CacheLogic P2P Traffic Stats

CacheLogic Reports on P2P traffic composition. A few data points in this analysis:

"Overall Mix of Peer-to-Peer traffic by volume:
Audio: 11.34%
Video: 61.44%
Other: 27.22%"

Cachelogic reports: "Microsoft video formats represent 46% of aggregate worldwide Peer-to-Peer traffic." What?? Microsoft is party to movies traded on P2P networks?? (i'm being cheeky)

Also, "65% of all audio files by volume of traffic are still traded in the MP3 format, but a surprising 12.3% are in the open-source OGG file format (almost all exclusively traded on the BitTorrent network, particularly in Asia)."

Cachelogic... you guys know that there is no such thing as a BitTorrent network. Please see this post.

I love this gem: "BitTorrent is increasingly being used for the distribution of legitimate content. eDonkey is now the network of choice for video file trading."

Some folks seem to be surprised by this, but we've been saying it all along: BitTorrent was designed for people with popular content. It is inherently a bad tool for piracy, but it *is* an extremely elegant tool to make great content available on the web.

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