Thoughts on DRM, and new website features for bittorrent.com

So I'm typically the diplomatic guy on the BitTorrent team... but i could only bottle up our views on DRM for so long. The good news is that I'm not alone... i now know that a lot of people in the entertainment industry agree when we say: DRM is bad for artists, and its bad for consumers. Period.

DRM is great for the platform companies (Apple and Microsoft) that seek to lock consumers into their own respective worlds. In the meantime, consumers, artists, and delivery companies like us are held hostage....

My friends, dont fret! we're at the dawn of an entirely new product cycle that will be tens of billions of dollars in size. It already *is* tens of billions of dollars in size offline, and as the channel of distribution shifts online, the key stakeholders are going to be very cautious at the beginning. There will be a day however when entertainment executives will see DRM as a risk to their business... more people are getting tired of lugging around their CD and DVD collections, especially when their entire collection fits easily on a laptop. The entertainment industry is also one that fears lock-in even more than we do (as consumers). When platform companies exert their distribution control on content compies, the walls for lock-in (ie, DRM) will fall over like a bunch of Jim Jones followers drinking their last glass of bittersweet kool-aid.

More to read here, and a podcast here.

I'm also extremely pleased with our new site at bittorrent.com. We're forging relationships with all kinds of artists -- mainstream and indie. For you indie music fans, check out the Torrent page for SubPopRecords... here. Also an exclusive *no DRM* EPK from death cab for cutie.

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shubhankar said...

congrats, never knew you ar ethe man behind Bit torrent. its getting high in student circle.
though i am yet to see how user friendly it is and wher it stand against appl. like Kazza.
idea of P2P democratzation is really something that hold the future of internet.
best wishes